College Students


Cost is a significant concern for anyone who is planning to attend college. 


The good news is that if you are looking ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to assess your expenses, make a budget, and find ways to pay for everything from textbooks to visits back home.  While avoiding going into debt or taking out additional loans.

Creating a realistic list of costs will help you pay for the essentials and avoid going into debt or taking out additional loans.

According to Bloombergs,


"The cost of higher education has jumped more than 13-fold in records dating to 1978."

What if you could use your studies to pay for your  tuition?

How does it work?

Each semester we will accept one student into our unique blogger program.  

  • The selected student will be required to post at least 1 300-word article each month.  Although up the student can post up to 1 per week if they wish. 

  • The article must be written about experiences relating to their time in the program.  This could be about the classes themselves or your experiences while studying in a foreign country.  Of course accompanying photographs will greatly increase the performance of your articles.

  • The student will be "paid" credit against their tuition based on their post and its performance.

    1.  Writing an article - ​$10

    2.  1000 views of the article - $1

    3.   500 likes of the article - $1

    4.   50 shares of the article - $1

    5.   An inquiry from the link placed on the article - $5

    6.   A registered student from the link on your article - $50



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